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Pre-Purchase Inspection


Walk-through inspection




Purchasing a home or condo  is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make: so having the home inspected by qualified professional is essential in making a well informed decision. The inspection will show existing and potential problems with the property. By choosing Bartnicki Inspections, the actual condition of the property, as well as any associated issued will be identified  to you.

  • bungalows from $930 + tax

  • larger homes from $1350 + tax

  • duplex from $1450 + tax

Pre-Sale Inspection

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Before listing your property, an inspection helps to  estimate the real value of your home. It will also give you an opportunity to do  repairs and improvements, or disclose potential problems prior to selling that might otherwise reduce the value of your home. This inspection helps determine any current and future costs and potential liabilities.

  • bungalow  from $930 + tax

  • larger homes from $1350 + tax

  • multiplex from $1450+ tax

Preventive  Inspection

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Just as you see the doctor for an annual check-up, your home is your investment and needs regular check-ups, repairs and up-keep. You may be doing “Band-Aid” repairs without being aware of underlying problems; which can be costly in the long run. Hiring Bartnicki Inspections to analyze your home and give you a clear picture of its condition can save you money and plan the maintenance of your home.

  • bungalow from $930 + tax

  • larger homes from $1350 + tax

  • multiplex from $1450 + tax

Walk-through Inspection

Walk Through Inspection



We will walk through the property together and give you an idea of the investment necessary before you make an offer. Obvious flaws and shortcomings will be identified.  This economical and quick option will give you an edge in vying for property in todays competitive market

** There is no written report with this type of inspection.

  • from $550 + tax

Pre-sale inspection

Other inspections


Do you have a specific concern with your house? Is there an area that needs to be examined more closely? Whether it's a leak, your roof, structural concerns, we have the expertise to help you address these issues. We use the latest technology and equipment to identify and pinpoint issues with your house and put you at ease.

Contact Bartnicki Inspections to schedule your home inspection.

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