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Home Electrical Inspection

Why it’s important to inspect your electrical systems


Electricity is omnipresent in our lives and used almost every day, which is why we tend to take it for granted.


Even so, electrical equipment must undergo regular maintenance to remain safe.


Therefore, an electrical safety inspection is critical to ensure your home's electrical system is in good condition and prevents fires.


A good electrical inspection can actually help you save money on your electric bill and vital for any home or condo inspection.


Aside from everything else, and as you likely gathered from the last few points, electronic home safety inspections are not just to ensure your safety but also to ensure your peace of mind. 


home electrical inspection

What happens during an electrical systems inspection


The first step in spotting problems with your electrical system is to determine if any of the circuitry or equipment are overloaded.


We will also check for any potential fire hazards or the possibility of electrical shock.


Also, the electrical work needs to be reviewed in order to determine if there are any problems with it.


Tests are also done on wiring and electric equipment.


In addition to that, the report may include additional components such as; 

  1. Nominal rating of an electrical equipment panel according to main fuses and circuit breakers.

  2. The operating conditions of various installed lighting fixtures and switches inside or outside the building.

  3. Faults in GFCIs and the requirement to install GFCIs

  4. The presence or non-presence of an arc fault interrupter or an electrical circuit relay.

Occasionally, full rewiring will be necessary, but it's more common to have only part of it done.


Bartnicki Inspections can make sure that the aluminum wiring in your home is safe for use through an electrical safety inspection. 


Before beginning a major renovation or purchasing a new home, you should consider an electrical inspection a major addition to your home inspection report.


This will help you know how your electrical system will perform after the renovation is completed.


Contact Bartnicki Inspections for a safe and professional inspection of your electrical systems in Saint Lazare, Hudson & the Greater Montreal area. For other items covered in a home inspection, view our inspection services tab for roofing inspections, water or mold testing, and other condominium or home inspection services.

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