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Condominium Inspections

condo inspection

If you’re buying a resale condo and found the property you want to purchase, you’ll place a conditional offer to the seller.  The conditions of the offer are usually securing financing and reviewing the condo building’s financial statements.  However, did you know that you can also include a condo home inspection as a condition?  Unfortunately, many condo buyers skip this inspection.

When it comes to condo home inspection, at first glance it seems like a cash grab. After all, if the condo corporation takes care of the outside of the building, you have nothing to worry about right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

A condo home inspection is a process in which you hire a certified home inspector to assess the health a condo unit.  The inspector visits the property and identifies any current or developing problems, saving you a lot of headaches in the future.


Condo Inspection (inside only up to 1000 square feet) :

$625.00 + tax

Condo Inspection with overview (not an inspection) of the outside of the building:

$825.00 + tax

Custom Inspection:

Cost to be arranged with your inspector.

Contact Bartnicki Inspections to schedule your condo inspection today.

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